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Youth Group  ..... Pilgrim Lutheran Church


The youth group at Pilgrim Lutheran Church is made up of young men and women ranging in age from 13 to 19 years of age. Our group has relationships with other Lutheran Church Canada congregations in the area. We think its important for our teens / young adults to know one another socially but also to support one another spiritually. Events from time to time are arranged to facilitate these relationships.

In the past we've participated in EDLYA Retreats, provided the Easter breakfast, attended the National Lutheran Youth Gathering, attended the National March for Life, participated in food drives, served food at Good Shepherd downtown, sponsored a games night, gone to play laser tag and the like. We aren't a large group, but when youth from other congregations join us, there is a big enough group to have a lot of fun.

A big THANK YOU to our members who serve as chaperones, the moms from other congregations who help lead and organize, and the members of our congregation without whose help we could not attend some events.